Why do St. Andrew Schools of Evangelization multiply so much?

Because of their methodology, that is simple but efficient.

Our methodology has five fundamental characterisitcs of learning:
A. Active participative:
Not one directional like the traditional didactic, but one that depends on the two way feeding between disciple-teacher.  The students are participants.
B. Signifitive learning:
New learning is constructed on previous knowledge and is fixed on the application of vital interests.
C. Personalized and communitary:
The person is formed as a member of the community at the service of the Kingdom of Heaven.
D. Theological Principle:

“I planted, Appollos watered, but God caused the growth”.  I Cor. 3,6

We work as a team and a community, but the protaganist of the evangelization is the Holy Spirit.
E. Pedagogical Principle:

“Nothing exists in the understanding that has not entered through the senses”.  Aristotle.

Use of the senses in the process of teaching-learning. How to teach and learn using both hemispheres of the brain.





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