Missionaries intercessors

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.": Mt 21,22

The evangelization is a task that, as baptized, we are called and commited to perform, each with the charisms that The Lord has given.

This section has been created so you deposit your intersession, that is, prayer time to different evangelizing tasks are being carried out in the San Andres School of Evangelization around the world.

How it works?
It is very simple to take part in this beautiful task:

  1. Fill the form down to register you as a member of this space.
  2. You'll be a Missionary Intercessor. You'll receive your credential, so you remember your commitment continuosly.
  3. During the month, the intentions will be changed, so we recommend you visit periodically this section, for updated prayer needs.
  4. If there is any specific need to pray, we'll send you an e-mail asking you for pray.
San Andre School in which you participate
City Country
My commitment to weekly prayer will be

Do you have any special need?
If you are part of any school or movement of evagelization, and you need intercession for some event or specific situation, then send us your request, so all of Missionaries Intercessors, will pray with you.

Last update: June 23th, 2011
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